23 08 2009

I’m hoping to begin shooting in Yellowstone National Park, the new scenes for our teaser, by December 2009.  We are in Wyoming and the landscape here is as beautiful in it’s own right, as the Black Hills are to South Dakota.


Go…ing West!

19 08 2009

Shout out to… Hello all! We are moving, heading west to Wyoming where we will be shooting new scenes for “Lost Angels[The Movie]”.

This is really interesting… Am setting up shooting schedule for scenes in the Yellowstone National Park.

Song Shut-Up!

19 06 2009

Check It Everyone!  VOTE “Hot or Not” For the song, Shut-Up! By Renn Reed,
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Lost Angels @ http://hot931.com/?p=pages/promotions0/hot_or_not

See What Steve Foldvari, VP Sony Creative Software Says:

10 06 2009

Steve Foldvari Said:
Hey Renn!  Got the CD w/songs…all great…excellent stuff!

I never took you for an industrial rocker, but those first two tracks were thumping!
And I recognized the final track from your website… very atmospheric.  Obviously, since I was able to remember it from only hearing it once awhile back, it made an impression.
Hope all’s well with you !

My Music

6 06 2009

Just click on the Myxer widget to hear my ringtone Shut-up! from my new CD Lost Angels  …and tell a friend too!