The Sundance Institute

20 03 2010

The Sundance Institute Producer In Residence Anne Lai Feature Film Program wrote … We were fans of your project… Lost Angels[The Movie].  What an honor!

The Sundance Institute

5 12 2009

Hey everybody, we’ve made the “tail end of selection” for the Sundance Institute Sloan Commissioning Grant keep your fingers crossed for us!


6 11 2009

Renn says… Stay-Tuned! Looks like we might just have all the funding for “Lost Angels[The Movie]!

Go…ing West!

19 08 2009

Shout out to… Hello all! We are moving, heading west to Wyoming where we will be shooting new scenes for “Lost Angels[The Movie]”.

This is really interesting… Am setting up shooting schedule for scenes in the Yellowstone National Park.

Song Shut-Up!

19 06 2009

Check It Everyone!  VOTE “Hot or Not” For the song, Shut-Up! By Renn Reed,
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Lost Angels @

See What Steve Foldvari, VP Sony Creative Software Says:

10 06 2009

Steve Foldvari Said:
Hey Renn!  Got the CD w/songs…all great…excellent stuff!

I never took you for an industrial rocker, but those first two tracks were thumping!
And I recognized the final track from your website… very atmospheric.  Obviously, since I was able to remember it from only hearing it once awhile back, it made an impression.
Hope all’s well with you !

Hey Cast & Crew of

7 04 2009

On April 17, 2009 we’re headed out to the Badlands National Park, South Dakota to shoot an action-adventure sub-scene of the first in our movie franchise “LOST ANGELS” [THE MOVIE].