28 06 2016

China in the 1970’s was everything one could imagine. I lived, and designed there from 1977 -1980. The Chinese were great to me, no matter their socio-economic circumstances. Rich or poor, young or old, we all got along just fine.

There were enough of the modern conveniences to be comfortable while living in the exotic flair of the Chinese culture. But every day, and every night, I missed you so…

In Kaohsiung, Taiwan (which is in southern Taiwan) most of my contacts were business owners or creative professionals. A bank president and owner of the bank; an owner of a prominent 5 star hotel and a prominent department store chain; a noted actress equal to a Lauren Ball here in the United States; and so forth.

But, I never forgot about YOU. I carved out an interesting professorial journey thanks to the friends I made in Taiwan (The Republic of China or R.O.C.); and China (The People’s Republic of China or P. R.C.). 

Sometimes politics can sometimes make things seem like something that they aren’t. Sometimes you have to live and work in a place to even come close to understanding it, if you’re lucky, that is.
It’s so very hard to write about you. I miss you so, my Robert.

Lost Angels[The Discovery] & Chinese New Year!!

4 02 2016

Chinese New Year is 2/8-2/19, it’s the year of the Monkey!! Let’s all celebrate it!! Here’s hoping Lost Angels[The Discovery] connects with all of the “Gang” so-to-speak!!!

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Lost Angels[The Discovery],Robert Redford, & Sundance Film Festival

28 12 2015

So people ask me, How’s your movie coming along? I say in reply, given that we are only 2 people and life happens to all of us, pretty good. Thank you for asking.

We Have 2 Films “In Consideration” @SFF

6 10 2011

We are both humbled and honored to announce that our 2 films, “The Passion, The People, The Party” and “The Art of Patience: A Visual Journey Behind The Arts Of China” are “…In Consideration” @SFF, The Sundance Film Festival.  Thank you Mr. Redford and SFF staff!  We dream it and try to achieve it, but you help to provide the “The Hope” through all of your many supportive and wonderful organizations.  Thank you so very much for the opportunities Sundance makes possible


6 05 2009

Progress is still coming along on LOST ANGELS[The Movie] We just teamed up with a top scriptwriter who worked on Terminator and Spiderman.  We’re looking for good weather come June 14th when we go back out to the Badlands National Park to shoot more on our action scenes.  We just approached another A-list talent for a co-starring role.

Badlands National Park

18 04 2009

Well due to flooding and poor weather conditions we had to cancel today’s shoot for the first in our movie franchise “LOST ANGELS[THEMOVIE] and reschedule.  We at http://www.LiquidIceEnt.com just want to send a SHOUT-OUT to all of those at the Badlands National Park for all that they’ve made possible for us and our movie.  They’re the BEST!!!

We also want to send a SHOUT-OUT our sponsor and friend at Sony Creative Software who recently emailed us to tell us he really liked our CD of original music.

Please visit our site’s at: http://www.Twitter.com/LostAngelsMovie
and >>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.Twitter.com/LiquidIceEnt

Hey Cast & Crew of LiquidIceEnt.com

7 04 2009

On April 17, 2009 we’re headed out to the Badlands National Park, South Dakota to shoot an action-adventure sub-scene of the first in our movie franchise “LOST ANGELS” [THE MOVIE].